Beginner’s Hooping:

Taught by a professional Hula Hoop Dancer and Certified Hoop Dance Instructor! This class is great for first time hoopers or new hoopers looking to build more strength and skill. In this class we will cover & drill the pillars of hoop dance – waist hooping, chest hooping, shoulder hooping, leg hooping, and all the tricks and transitions in between! Great for building body-mind connection, developing posture, and strengthening your core – all while having fun! Hoops are provided.


Hoop Dance:

Taught by a professional Hula Hoop Dancer! Put all your hooping skills and tricks together with some musicality to form the art of hoop dance! In this class we will learn and create hoop dance combos and routines ready to take your hooping skills on the dance floor! This class is all levels but it is recommended to take Beginner’s Hooping first if you are a new hoop dancer.

Class Details
Duration:60 Minutes
Location:Aerobics Room