Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your hours?

A: Please visit our Fitness System Health Clubs App, or our websites, to view hours per location.


Q: Do you offer childcare?

A: Yes! Childcare is open Monday – Saturday 8:30am – 12:00pm and Monday – Friday 4:30pm – 9:00pm.


Q: What is the Annual Maintenance Fee?

A: Please click here to read about it.


Q: Where can I find the class schedule?

A: Class schedules can be found on our App in the FIND A CLASS tile, or on our websites.  Land Park Class Schedule


Q: Where can I view my payment history?

A: Through our App, visit the MY ACCOUNT tile and login to your Member Portal. Or login to the portal HERE


Q: How do I freeze or cancel my membership?

A: You must come into your home club to fill out a 30 Day Notice of Cancelation. We do not, under any circumstances, accept cancelations, freezes, or alterations to accounts via email.


Q: What is the fastest way to get my question answered?

A: CALL US!! We have friendly staff waiting to assist you!

Land Park: (916) 455-5800