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Hello, Member!

Being that we are returning back to normal with our social distancing and capacity guidelines in place, we would like your feedback on the Childcare Services we offer.

We’re one of the last few health clubs to provide free childcare for their members. Unfortunately, the demand for Childcare in morning has been low, as we expected.

We are reaching out to see if you intend on using Childcare in the morning, as we  want to make sure we are properly utilizing our resources at this time. Frankly, our childcare girls are getting bored in there, and they don’t particularly enjoy re-racking weights while they wait. 😉

Please fill out the quick survey below, and let us know your thoughts. We may have to temporarily cease morning Childcare Services until the demand returns (or perhaps, school is in session for Big Brothers & Sisters!) however, AS SOON as we see a sign of our favorite littles returning in the mornings, morning services will resume immediately!

Note–this is only in regards to mornings, evening Childcare & Saturday morning will continue to be provided unless the demand for those changes as well.

Thank you for your time!


  • Please provide any info or comments to let us know when you think you will be returning to using the Childcare Services in the morning!