Fitness System was born out of necessity so that athletes, moms, dads, students and kids who think a little differently about themselves and the world could have a place to thrive. The founder knew that people needed an environment dedicated to their transformation—free from the corporate BS and the lack of substance. It all began when the founder of Fitness System, Sean, was stricken with a degenerative spine disease, told by doctors to not lift weights, and to go on immunosuppressive drugs. But Sean knew he was different. He knew the adversity could be overcome if he could get in the right environment. He couldn’t find it, so Sean decided to dedicate his life to helping others defy the odds by creating a culture and a company dedicated to helping people gain physical and emotional strength and transform their lives. Fitness System was forged by the desire to overcome adversity and provide an environment to anyone that chooses to as well.

“I believe that in order to achieve the best possible results, you must immerse yourself in an environment dedicated to your success. That’s why we exist.” -Sean, CEO

Fitness System members are cut from a different cloth. They break the norms, defy conventions and always push themselves to a new level of success. Above all, they value themselves and their time. They have no time for expensive fad classes. They have no time for places that deter their members from working hard or lifting heavy. They have no time for clubs that offer only cardio, but a sparse selection of weights and equipment. Most of all, Fitness System members value themselves too much to spend any time dealing with the corporate nonsense that most national chains are peddling.

No, a person who chooses Fitness System knows that average is the enemy of great. They understand that unless they are in a environment that has been carefully crafted and geared towards success in fitness and in life, they will never reach their potential.   People who choose Fitness System are more discerning than the average person. They value themselves too much to ever settle for less. They value incredible customer service and they demand to be treated with respect… because they have earned it. Those who come to Fitness System come to expect an incredible experience with other incredible people…

“In life, I think there is one thing that will determine your level of success in any venture. That one thing is your personal philosophy. You must be dedicated to constant improvement to realize your potential. That is the philosophy that Fitness System was founded on.” – Sean

A Fitness System member knows– they understand they only have one shot at this life and they’ve decided to make it incredible.

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