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Those who value themselves and their fitness have consistently chosen Fitness System in Land Park since its opening in 2013! What makes them choose us? Fitness System is dedicated to promoting and growing a culture that values and promotes positivity, as well as physical and mental strength. We do this by providing the most expansive, diverse and cutting edge selection of equipment and group fitness classes, all the while delivering Make You Happy Customer Service. That’s right, Fitness System is obsessed with making YOU happy…

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Fitness System is the choice of dozens of Professional & National-Level Bodybuilders, Professional Athletes, Olympic Athletes & Many More!

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The Largest Selection of Weight Equipment Around! From the classic bodybuilding machines to state-of-the-art cross training pieces, we carry 15+ brands of the best equipment so you have the right tools! Featuring:

& Many More!  We also proudly offer:

Cardio  *  Power Lifting  *  FREE Classes  *  FREE Childcare  *  Tanning   *  Sauna  *  Personal Training  *  Pro Shop & Make-You-Happy Customer Service!